Don’t Get Stuck Because of Red Tape

The May hail storm is still causing headaches for many Denver residents, but it doesn’t have to. As an insurance claim specialist, we know how to avoid major communication issues that can keep you from getting the repairs you need. Our transparent process guarantees that you not only know what you’re getting into from our side, but also that everyone involved is doing their best to get your home restored to its pre-storm condition. That is why we’re considered Denver’s best roofing contractors, especially for all hail damage repair.

[See more of Fox31’s “Common problem can slow down hail damage repairs to homes” here]

Taken from the article:
“It is summer, but the remnants of the huge hailstorm in May are still causing headaches for those hit hard in northwest Denver.

Homeowners need to avoid a common misunderstanding that can stall efforts to repair damage.

Callie Smith-Gallegos called the FOX31 Problem Solvers when an issue with her mortgage company stalled her roof repair project, the last thing she expected, or needed, after hail ripped apart the exterior of her home.

The Problem Solvers learned Gallegos’s mortgage company was holding up the check needed for the job.

Experts say any roofing company can fall victim to complications involving “red tape” when it comes to insurance claims.

To speed along any type of repair job after a claim is made, homeowners should stay in constant communication with the insurance, mortgage and roofing company to get a realistic idea of how long it will likely take to have hail damage repaired.”