Insurance Claims

Insurance Claims

Q: Will my insurance company pay for a new roof?

A: Your insurance company will pay for damage that is the result of an act of nature or accident, such as hailstorms, hurricanes, and tornadoes.  If a claim is approved, you are only responsible for your deductible.

Q: Who should I call first if I think my roof is damaged, America's Best Restoration & General Contracting or my insurance company?

A: First call America's Best Restoration & General Contracting to inspect your roof and document damage, including a written description and digital photographs. We can help you determine if there is enough damage to warrant an insurance claim. If so, we can speed the process and get your roof restored quickly.

Q: Can you represent me during the insurance inspection?

A: Yes, our inspector can be on hand when your insurance adjuster arrives to inspect the damage, and make sure all areas of concern are included on the final report. This ensures you get all the compensation you need for quality repairs.

Q: How much money will I get from my insurance company?

A: The final determination of the value of the claim will be made by your insurance company, based on the report from the insurance adjuster. The insurance company sets the rates for claims using software called Xactimate.


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