Framing Your Window Replacement

Framing Your Window Replacement

Your windows can do a lot for the financial and aesthetic well-being of your home. Great windows add to curb appeal, save you money on your energy bills, and just plain look fantastic. But how do you know when you’re making the best choice for you and your home?

Window trends come and go, but when you make a smart replacement choice you will benefit for decades to come. Most important is picking the right installers and America’s Best Restoration is the right choice for all Denver roofing and window company.

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Taken from the article:
1. What’s Your ‘Why?’

Do your windows operate poorly—or are they sticking, broken, drafty? Do they fog or ice up when the weather changes? Are you looking for tangible financial benefits such as lower heating bills and energy efficiency or an overall increase in your home’s value?

Together, the design, consistency and proper installation of customized windows and doors help protect, maintain and increase the value of your home. That “je ne sais quoi” curb appeal doesn’t just happen: its magic lives in the details.

2. Imagine the Possibilities

A little research and a visit to a reputable dealer will help you understand the differences among the numerous types of windows and doors. Ask about function, ideal placement and the long-term benefits of materials – wood, aluminum, fiberglass, vinyl and vinyl composite each have specific advantages, maintenance needs and life cycles.

3. Define the Details

The vision for your home may be unfolding in phases over time, so windows and doors that arrive direct from the manufacturer according to your specifications (versus off-the-shelf models sold at Big Box stores) offer more options and consistency.

4. Be Prepared

Anticipate that there will be some variables along the way to project completion, so it helps to ask questions and be prepared before work starts. Find out what should be done before the installers arrive and make plans for how you’ll live in your space while work is being done. For example, if you have detailed, intricate trim, you may need to build in additional work, and you will need to consider possible effects on the exterior of your home.

5. Getting the Right Partners

Replacing windows and doors is an opportunity to protect your investment in your home. Regular maintenance and upgrades of your home’s exterior add value, and the decision to replace windows and doors is one of the most important ones you’ll make as a homeowner.”