Maintaining Your Commercial Roof

Maintaining Your Commercial Roof

Oftentimes it’s not just having a well-installed roof that will keep your business or property safe. That roof needs to be regularly maintained as well. That’s why it’s important to know what kind of maintenance you need throughout the year as the seasons change. When you’re researching potential commercial roofing contractors in Denver, make sure you call America’s Best Restoration to find out why we’re your best choice.

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Taken from the article:

The goal of preventive or proactive maintenance is to sustain and ensure the true service life of the commercial roof through inspections and necessary repairs. Ultimately, inspections should be performed at least twice a year: following severe weather, and as required by the manufacturer’s warranty. Both inspections and maintenance items need to be timed per budget forecasts and should include debris removal. A quality preventive maintenance program must be designed to meet the needs of property owners, facility managers, and building occupants.

All roofs have a limited lifespan and will eventually require replacement, retrofit, repair, or restoration, but developing a preventive maintenance plan can further extend the life of the roof and save money. For an existing roof, a roofing contractor should thoroughly inspect the roof and provide a written report of findings with a photo survey of roof conditions for future reference. Based on those findings, the contractor can develop a roof management program that includes plans for upcoming maintenance, replacement, or repair. During the bi-annual inspections, the contractor should ensure caulking is not open, perimeter attachments such as flashings are tight, holes or tears have been patched, and laps in membrane systems are secure.

Each season brings different weather conditions, which means that each season has its own checklist for inspections. Seasonal inspections are not only a preventive measure, but also a proactive program to have in place. Facility managers should have some familiarity with the roof system and take notes of conditions for each seasonal inspection. This allows facility management to recognize damage and alert the roofing contractor before the problem becomes worse.”