Summer Maintenance Tips

Summer Maintenance Tips

As the final days of summer approach, there may still be some maintenance projects you have yet to do. Luckily, we have plenty of nice weather days to tackle these tips and keep your home safe through the upcoming fall and winter seasons. By making sure your siding is clean, your house is free of termites, and trees won’t be a problem during storms, you can enjoy the second half of the year without worry. If you notice any major problems with your siding, gutters, or roofing, call your trusted Denver contractors: America’s Best Restoration & General Contracting.

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Home exterior care and landscaping

Take advantage of the warm weather and wash the outside of your windows and clean the siding. While it might be tempting to use a pressure washer, a garden hose is best to avoid potentially damaging the exterior of your home. Apply a coat of fresh paint if needed, and repair any damaged vinyl or aluminum siding.

Be aware of termites while you’re outside inspecting your home. Termites can easily go undetected until significant damage has been done. Look for telltale signs like flaking wood or mud buildup and tunneling systems in the exterior wood of your home. Professional pest control inspections are recommended if you have any suspicions of possible infestation.

Trees provide shady ambience and should be well cared for to avoid potential damage to your home. Keep their branches pruned and at a safe distance from your home to avoid storm-related damage. Inspect trees for signs of decay, such as cracks or hollowed limbs, and keep branches clear of your home and power lines. Arborists or tree care professionals can assist with the cutting and removal of large or high limbs.

Also, before planting additional trees and shrubs in your yard, take into consideration the plant’s size when mature and whether or not roots might intrude upon underground pipes or paved surfaces such as sidewalks and driveways.”